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I was born in Denmark and moved to the UK in 2008. In 2010 I started working as a website translator for a successful online retailer. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time - with the right language! A local designer sunglasses webshop needed a Danish translator to localise their website, as they were looking to expand into the lucrative Danish market. I was excited to be able to use my language skill and my love of writing, as well as learning everything about the world of e-commerce, and as the business grew my role in it grew too.

I wasn’t just a translator. After localising all the content, making it relevant for Danish customers, I continued getting involved with every aspect of the expansion, including customer support, localising the currency formatting, the payment options, the shipping and returns, looking into Danish retail law, working with Danish bloggers and exploring other marketing channels. I then helped recruit more Danish translators and customer advisers as the Danish site became increasingly busy.

Soon the company decided to expand into a number of other European countries and I took on the position of International Team Leader and, eventually, Head of Translation, managing the translation tasks of 11 translators.

Translation and localisation have become a real passion for me, which is why I am now offering this service on a freelance basis.

Since March 2019 I have worked as a freelancer on a number of interesting projects. These include software translation for a market leader in educational software, ad copy for social media campaigns, an educational map quiz site, games apps and translation of Norwegian book titles in gothic print from the 19th century.



My main specialist area is e-commerce and marketing, including blog posts, marketing emails, and social media ads.

I am a certified software translator for a market leader in educational software.

Due to my many years of working in the eyewear industry I have developed expert knowledge of optical technology, frame materials, frame styles, lens materials and colours, plus the history of the biggest fashion brands, such as Ray-Ban, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Dior and sports brands such as Oakley, Bollé, Adidas and Dragon.

I translate all types of web content including:

  • Product descriptions

  • Landing pages

  • Help content

  • Terms and conditions

  • Ordering system

  • SEO keywords

  • Marketing emails

  • Promotional banners

With years of experience translating content marketing I have extensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • Fashion: textiles & tailoring, fashion week style notes, brand history

  • Sports: skiing, golf, fishing, cycling, running and driving

  • Luxury goods: jewelry, shoes, handbags and other accessories

Special interest areas:

  • Film and TV

  • Politics

  • Parenting and education

  • EdTech

  • Art and design

  • Health and nutrition

  • Home and garden

  • Travel and tourism

  • Crafts

  • Eco friendly products and sustainability

  • Children's books, clothing and toys

I thoroughly enjoy and am very experienced in researching new subjects, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any project/website that goes beyond the above.